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Why you may not want to close your home loan account
Think twice before you close your home loan account once the loan is paid off.
Buying your first investment property
Here are some tips to help you get your foot on the investment property ladder.
Affordable housing market is being driven by young professionals
Young professionals are the driving force behind the affordable housing market in Atlantis and the surrounding suburbs on the Western Seaboard.
The benefits of multigenerational and dual living homes
Innovative housing solutions, like multigenerational living and dual living, are increasing in demand and proving to be beneficial during tough economic times.
Conducting property transactions with non-residents
Useful tips for South African citizens to consider when entering into a property transaction with foreign nationals.
Advice to homeowners in financial distress
In the current economic climate, more homeowners are finding themselves in financial distress. Here are some pointers to help homeowners deal with this situation.
Who pays the special levy when a property is being sold?
The payment of a special levy does not pass on to a buyer if the seller was still the registered owner of the property when the levy was raised.
You don't have to downsize when you retire
You can continue to live on your property by building a flat or splitting your house and renting part of it out.
Retire in style
Retirement estates today offer a desirable lifestyle, amenities and safety features.
How to save for a home and a wedding
Saving for your first home and your wedding at the same time can be daunting. Consider these tips to help you start your life as a married couple, with your dream home.