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The truth about home loan terms
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank compares 20-year home loan terms to 30-year home loan terms.
Should you buy an existing property, or off plan?
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank discusses the option to buy property that already exists, versus building your own home.
Interest rate predictions for 2015 in SA
Comparing the interest rates in 2014, with predictions for 2015.
Are you really ready to buy?
There are many economic factors that determine whether it's a good time to investment in property or not.
The power of your credit record
Keeping your credit record in good shape is of utmost importance to a successful home loan application.
How to apply for a home loan online
Find out how to apply for a bond online, with Nedbank.
What costs are involved with buying a house?
Tim Akinnusi, head of Sales at Nedbank, talks about the different costs involved with the purchase of property.
The ideal structure for investment property
As a property investor, there a few ways to structure your property investment and establish a property portfolio.
Should I buy property in my name, company or a trust?
When acquiring residential property, the best way to structure the property ownership is dependant on a few factors.
Property structures to use when buying residential property
There are different costs involved in purchasing a property in your own name, as a closed corporation, as a company or as a trust.