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The property registration process
Concluding a written deed of sale The deed of sale (offer to purchase) is completed and signed by both the seller and the purchaser. This must be a written agreement. A written offer to purchase ...
Points to consider before you start building
Some useful tips to make sure you're in the know, before you start building a home.
Tax Tips: How property can save you money
The tax season is a time to reflect on the financial year and to start planning on how best to focus on your financial growth.
Registration and Transfer Costs - Explained
Find out the estimated costs of buying a property, when to pay, who to pay, and what the money is used for.
Tax tips for renting out your property
How rental income is taxed and what may or may not be deducted as capital and non-capital expenses.
Guidelines on rental income payment
Advice on how to set a rental amount, what could go wrong and what the tax implications of rental income are.
Financial advice for buying property as an investment
Questions and issues to think about before you invest in property.
A guide to buying property as an investment
The ins and outs of investing in property and the costs included.
What does listed property offer the investor?
A look at the various possibilities that present themselves when using investment platforms that offer listed property funds.
How your property's value impacts your rates and taxes bill
Find out more about municipal rates and sectional title rates, as well as how they are used.