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Patience is the key to post-divorce home purchases
Getting divorced is tough, and buying a new home afterwards may be just as hard, especially if you are still the co-owner of a property with your former spouse.
Sunnyside and Arcadia offer property investment opportunities
Boasting price growth of between 190% and 300%, the property markets of Sunnyside and Arcadia are witnessing unprecedented growth.
Rents are soaring in Hout Bay
High demand for property in what was once a small village is driving rentals higher
Saving tips to help you move in to your dream home faster
Saving for your dream home can seem like an impossible task but follow these tips and you'll find that it's easier than you think.
Say “No” to verbal agreements when buying property
Verbal agreements are not worth the paper they are written on – make sure you reduce everything to writing.
Home loan approvals growing
Statistics show that the number of home loans being approved by banks is currently growing at a faster rate than at the beginning of the year.
How did the Instant Bond Indicator come about?
Nedbank developed this useful tool for property buyer's for a few reasons.
What are the benefits of Nedbank's Instant Bond Indicator?
There are many benefits to know how much you could qualify for, before even beginning the bond application process. This is a summary.
Applying online for a home loan
Nedbank has made their online bond applications easier and more effective with the introduction of the Instant Bond Indicator.
What happens to joint owned property if an owner passes away?
Jose Delgado, a corporate commercial attorney, gives advice on the different circumstances that arise, should one owner of a jointly owned property pass away.