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Property investment a safe alternative to share trading
Investing in market shares can certainly be a lucrative venture, particularly when market conditions favour the investments you’ve made, but investing in property is an alternative to be considered.
Hot tax tips for rental property owners
Over the past few years, economic uncertainty and stock market volatility has boosted investor interest in residential rental property.
How to buy a home in a hurry
If your property sells faster than you think, how do you make sure you've got your new home ready?
What to do after a home burglary
Crime statistics suggest that unfortunately many South African homeowners may experience their home being broken into and burglarized at some stage.
No rate hike a welcome boost for the economy and property market
The decision by the Reserve Bank to retain the repo rate at the same level is a much needed boost for the economy and property market.
Bond originators play a vital role under tougher economic conditions
April's property statistics from ooba indicate a slowing down in property purchases.
Securing your home loan: Be prepared to dot those I’s and cross those T’s
When it comes to securing your home loan, you need to be prepared to jump through some hoops to make it happen.
Understanding the hidden costs associated with owning a home
It is important that people familiarise themselves with some of the hidden costs associated with home ownership.
Is buying property in a trust the way to go?
Find out more about the different types of trusts that can be set up and whether it is always the best option to house your assets.
Avoid these real estate investment mistakes
Investing in property is much like running any other business, in that it requires research, conscientiousness and an acute attention to detail.