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How does an interest rate hike affect you?
An increase in the interest rate affects both first time property buyers, as well as current home owners. Here's how.
Nedbank Home Loans continues to innovate
The Instant Bond Indicator gives you the home loan amount that you qualify for, in 3 minutes.
SARB increases repo rate by 25 basis points
The SARB Monetary Policy Committee has increased the repo rate by 25 basis points.
Don't overextend yourself when buying a home
It’s vital not to over-extend yourself on additional items you think are ‘necessary’ to complement your new home as doing so could ultimately put you at risk of losing your dream home.
Investing in student accommodation
Making money from student property investments continues to increase in appeal. Find out more about investing in this kind of property.
Buying a home: why your heart shouldn't rule your head
Making a hasty decision to buy an impractical property that you love can lead to regret further down the line.
North vs south – rental hot spots in Johannesburg
Appropriately priced rental stock is a sure-fire way to attract tenants. But where in Johannesburg is the demand highest?
Home Loans: find out what you can afford in 3 minutes
Nedbank’s innovative new tool the Instant Bond Indicator will give clients an indication of the home loan amount they could qualify for in less than three minutes.
The penalty for overdue levies
Discover the truth about how much body corporates can charge for overdue levies, in a sectional title scheme.
What are the criteria for commercial property financing?
The different criteria that apply, for a client-centric approach or deal-centric approach to applying for commercial property finance from a bank.