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Benefits of renting over buying a property
When buying a new house doesn't fit the budget, renting is a more attractive option. What are the benefits of renting instead of buying?
Moving tips
Some useful tips to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.
Arranging your move
Tips for deciding when and how to move, and how to choose a removal company.
How should a tenant's deposit be handled?
Both landlord and tenant rights, according to the law, on how a tenant deposit should be handled.
Your rights and obligations as a property owner or tenant
Find out about the responsibilities that both a property owner and a tenant have, when it comes to renting.
Information on the lease agreement
Find out more about lease agreement types and what written lease agreements should and should not contain.
Using a managing agent or a letting agent
Using a professional managing or letting agent is ideal when you do not have the time to manage your property/ies. Here are the services you'll receive.
Responses to FAQ's from landlords
Thinking of taking the plunge into the buy-to-let market, or improving your investments in property? Find the answers to your questions here.
Costs involved in buying and selling property
Make sure you know exactly what you're in for, when it comes to all the costs involved with buying as well as selling property.
Renting through a letting agent VS a private landlord
There are many benefits for tenants using both letting agents and private landlords. Find out which is best for you.