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A Virtual Tour, Aerial Photos and Video Made of your School - at no COST.

Recently, I heard from someone that they had relocated to live within the "catchment area" of a school of choice, yet their child hadn't been born yet! And this in South Africa.

More and more the search for good education institutions will be the reason why parents will relocate. Private Property understands that a buying decision may just be determined by the quality of the schools within the proximity of a property.

To this end, Private Property have recently added a feature to our website that groups property around a school within a suburb, making the school, the centre point around which people are now able to view property. Each school page on our website includes a map indicating the location of the school and equally importantly contact details for the school. Furthermore we showcase the school by means of a Virtual Tour, video clip (comprising the school song and Virtual Tour) and in some cases we do Aerial images of the school as well. We have already created 10 000 of these pages for schools across South Africa and would like to add the Virtual Tour / video and aerial images to these pages.

10 000 School pages are active already!

We have created 10 000 school pages with this information, as mentioned above, and currently are building the structure to assist people to navigate to these pages - your school is almost definately one of these. We just don't have the virtual tour, video or Aerial Images attached to your school and need your permission to come out and create this content.


Busiest Property Website

Private Property recently had over 1 million unique browsers - that is the equivalent of 1 million different people view the website - this during January 2011 and we want to showcase your school to them, giving them the opportunity to view properties around your school and making it convenient for them to see something about your school.

See an Example:

Click here to see a current school page - Laerskool Randhart in Alberton, Gauteng.

or view Southdowns College in Irene on this link.

Give Your School a Marketing Edge

Contact me should you want me to check whether we have created your school page already, and all we need to do is add the Virtual Tour, video and Aerial images. Please contact Barrie via email (barriek@privateproperty.co.za) or call me on 082 610 7456.

  • aerial images are limited to those schools who are prepared to host a link from their website to the page we create for the school on ours.
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