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Top 3 Reasons to Own your Own Property
Are you debating on whether purchasing a property is the right move for you? Here are 3 reasons why you should buy your own property.
Mistakes to avoid when Buying your First Home
As life-changing decisions go, buying your first home is one of life’s pretty significant moments.
What to consider before taking a 100% home loan
It may be tempting for first time buyers to want a 100% home loan, after recent adjustments to the transfer duty threshold. However, these points should be considered first.
Buyers guide: Step 3 Doing the deal
The art of making an offer, negotiating the best deal and understanding the offer to purchase.
Buyers guide: Step 5 Registration and transfer process
Understanding what the various attorneys do and understanding the conveyancing and property transfer process.
Buyers guide: Step 4 Home loan know-how
Find out how to apply for a home loan and how to give yourself the best chance of getting your home loan approved.
Buyers guide: Step 2 House hunting - homing in on your new house
Buying property is expensive so it is important to choose the right property for your needs in order to avoid costly mistakes. Here's how to zero in on your perfect home.
Buyers guide: Step 1 Getting your bucks in a row
Here’s what you will need to do to get yourself ready to take on the financial commitment of a mortgage.
Buyers guide: Step 6 Moving tips
Now that you've taken ownership of your home, it's time to move in. Here's how to make the big move without the stress
Buyers guide: Buying your 1st home a pro.
We've created a handy step-by-step guide to help you understand the process of buying a home in South Africa.