How Debbie made a family’s dream come true

How Debbie made a family’s dream come true

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Anna-Marie Smith

The story of Debbie van Vught , senior consultant at Harcourts Anchor, started when domestic worker Lucy Ndovi’s employer enquired about any possible assistance to domestic employees wishing to purchase their own homes.

At the time Harcourts Anchor was advertising the property next to Lucy’s employers, which lead to them requesting that Lucy and her husband view the house. Following the property viewing Debbie, an experienced senior sales consultant with Harcourts, arranged a meeting with the client and her husband, who was also locally employed as a motor mechanic.

Commenting on her initial meeting with this impressive couple determined to own a family home, Debbie says the first complication set in when realising her clients were only qualified to buy a property for R460 000. Another complication arose when the property for sale already had an offer on it, and as a result was not available to her buyers. What Debbie had also established about her clients was that this family of four were renting two rooms, and that their need to live in their own home had an element of urgency to it.

By now Lucy and her husband had already been turned down by a number of property agents who for various reasons were unable to find a home nearby, at a suitable price. She says another reason for her client being unsuccessful in the past was the great difficulty in obtaining mortgage finance. And while this is a realistic situation, it can only be confirmed when a potential buyer is proven unfit to service a bond.

Debbie says that for her it became vital to meet the needs of this impeccable family, who had despite their limited earnings, managed to save a deposit of R46 000 plus the transfer costs of around R15 000. In rising to the challenge of finding a home in the price bracket of R460 000, Debbie searched for three months until she eventually found a ideal property in Boksburg South. She said the property was ideally suited to her client as it is positioned close to several schools and other public amenities, as well as within close proximity to both Lucy and husband’s workplace.

Debbie says her client’s meticulous recordkeeping of financial documentation required by the banking institution who granted them a bond, hugely simplified the process of raising a mortgage. Being a property from a deceased estate, it also required Debbie’s input in working with the heir of the estate, who as a result of being physically unable to attend the necessary meetings with attorneys without assistance, also needed her help to complete the signing of documentation.

The final result of Debbie’s unwavering support in all aspects of this sale is that Lucy and her family say they will forever hold her efforts as a professional property agent in the highest regard. It also proves that knowledge, compassion and hard work made a family’s dream of their own beautiful home come true.

Harcourts Anchor Principal, Brian Dugmore complimented Debbie’s work to have been according to the Harcourts Manifesto, of placing people first, by doing the right thing, and by being courageous, all while having fun and laughter.


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