Private Property Introduces DIY Electronic Listing Process

Private Property South Africa
Jane Wessels


you like being in the driver's seat, you're going to love this!

Private Property is making it even easier to get your property onto SA’s busiest

property website. We’ve introduced an electronic listing process for all you DIY

enthusiasts out there. Now you don’t have to wait for us to send a listing

consultant out to your property. You can write your own words and select your

own photo's of your home.

So if you’re impatient, and you like instant results, then this is the solution

for you. Once you've logged in, our step-by-step process helps you load your own

listing with all the bells and whistles - photo’s, property details and a full

description. Even the technologically challenged will find it relatively easy,

plus you can always contact our call centre to help you through it if you get

stuck along the way.

"Your listing will be more personal, and you will be able to feature the parts

of your home you really want to show off," says Justinus Adriaanse, CEO of

Private Property.

If that sounds a bit too much like hard work, just contact us and we’ll send a

consultant out to your property to load your listing for you. Our consultants

are professionals, who know how to get the job done, so your property is in safe


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