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Cost of buying a home| Home Buyers
The cost of buying a house in South Africa can be confusing to many buyers. Read a detailed explanation of these costs in our blog article.
Home loan approvals growing
Statistics show that the number of home loans being approved by banks is currently growing at a faster rate than at the beginning of the year.
Home Loans: find out what you can afford in 3 minutes
Nedbank’s innovative new tool the Instant Bond Indicator will give clients an indication of the home loan amount they could qualify for in less than three minutes.
Private Property's Neighbourhoods - Focus on Sandton
A closer look at the new Neighbourhoods section on the Private Property website, looking at the financial hub of South Africa - Sandton.
What costs are involved with buying a house?
Tim Akinnusi, head of Sales at Nedbank, talks about the different costs involved with the purchase of property.
Home loan homework 101
For most of us, buying a home means applying for a home loan. Here's how to get yourself in pole position for getting your home loan approved
Make a calculated buying decision
Mention ‘bond affordability calculator’ and most people will automatically think of a bank or home loan provider. Today, bond affordability calculators are an important part of many financial institutions’ repertoire as they are ...
How the Bond Registration Process Works
You have finally found the perfect house for sale after weeks of checking property websites and driving up and down the city. Don’t let the bond registration process get in the way of your excitement. While all the jargon might ...