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Master the art of negotiation when buying a house
Most of us are uncomfortable about negotiating a deal, especially on a property. Mastering a few tricks will give you the power to go out and get yourself the best deal.
Questions that estate agents should ask their clients
The magic of selling a house to a buyer is knowing what exactly they want.
How to make it as a new real estate agent
Looking to carve out a career as a real estate agent? Make sure you follow these tips to stay on top of the game.
One and the same: estate agents and entrepreneurs
Becoming a successful real estate agent means honing many of the skills essential in starting and running your own business as an entrepreneur.
Strange things sellers say (and how you can deal with them)
Selling a house is not an everyday occurrence for property owners. In the absence of knowledge and clouded by emotion they often say strange things to the agent that they have contacted to sell their ...
The role of estate agents in a property sale
“People generally wouldn’t try to get out of paying a garage bill or a doctor’s bill, but why then do sellers feel they can try and get out of paying commission to their estate agent?” asks Lanice ...
9 tips to being a happy estate agent
Being successful means not only getting the most leads or hitting target, but also being genuinely happy in the job. To be happy you need to balance productivity with time for yourself. There are ...
First impressions count
Within a few seconds of meeting you, people quickly form opinions about you. This snap judgment of you might not be true, but can define your relationship with that person. If you work in property, ...
7 things top earning real estate agents do
How do top earning real estate agents earn the most sales? It typically means their lead conversion is 99 percent (give or take a one percent margin of error), they provide excellent customer ...
5 things buyers do that real estate agents hate
Ah, the joys of being an estate agent! It’s a tough job at the best of times but some buyers make an already difficult job impossible. Here are 5 things that home buyers do that drive estate agents ...