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Unregistered estate agents don’t qualify for commission
It’s important to ensure that your estate agent has a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. If they don’t, they are not legally entitled to commission.
The role of estate agents in a property sale
“People generally wouldn’t try to get out of paying a garage bill or a doctor’s bill, but why then do sellers feel they can try and get out of paying commission to their estate agent?” asks Lanice ...
Third Party Referral Commission is Illegal
According to Section 34A of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, any person who does not hold a Fidelity Fund Certificate may not earn commission on the sale of a property and this rule would apply to ...
Estate agent's role remains crucial
There have been suggestions recently that the growing power of website and online communication in the property sector will, in the not-too-distant future, make estate agents unnecessary. “This,” ...
5 things buyers do that real estate agents hate
Ah, the joys of being an estate agent! It’s a tough job at the best of times but some buyers make an already difficult job impossible. Here are 5 things that home buyers do that drive estate agents ...
How to use your sphere of influence to generate business
If you've begun the New Year wondering how you can get more leads and more property listings, you could be missing a huge database of contacts that you already have access to – your sphere of ...
Many benefits of sole mandates
The award of sole mandates to an estate agent can lead to accusations of unwarranted favouritism and/or ‘rigging’ of clients’ opinions.
The grass isn’t always greener
Commission matters for real estate agents around the world.