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Common pitfalls to avoid when buying property
A buyer usually knows far less about a property than its seller so it’s important for them to be familiar with common defects and contract clauses.
Latent and patent defects and the CPA
It isn’t always advisable to take the sellers’ word for it that all is well with a property. An independent property inspector can save you a great deal of money and heartache by ensuring that the property you buy is in tip-top ...
The ‘CPAs’ Cooling-off Period
The cooling-off period is useful in certain circumstances, but is not a solution for simply changing your mind.
A guide to buying property off-plan
Find out everything you need to know about buying a new property from a developer.
House hunting golden rules
Hunting for your new home can be a daunting task. Here are some things to keep in mind.
Seller's rights under the Consumer Protection Act
Advice from Jose Delgado, a corporate commercial attorney, about a property seller's rights, according to the CPA.
RE/MAX establishes own training centre
In an effort to lead transformation compliance within the real estate sector, RE/MAX of Southern Africa has invested in establishing its own Accredited Training Institution, the Global Learning ...
What’s included when you buy or sell a property?
Avoid confusion during a property transaction with this guide on how to differentiate between movable and fixed property. You rescued that genuine Victorian broekie lace when they demolished ...
Finding fault
We have all heard the term “voetstoots”, which, to all intents and purposes, means “as is”. To spell it out, when you buy a property you are buying it “warts and all”. This doesn’t of course mean that a seller can fraudulently ...
Ballito area and property guide
A small-town feel combined with all the amenities of a much bigger place, make Ballito one of KZN's most rapidly developing areas.