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Rising disposable incomes open the door to more home sales
Wage increases, declining inflation and an interest rate decrease have resulted in better affordability for prospective home buyers.
6 questions to ask when applying for a home loan
Prospective homebuyers should lay the groundwork in order to have the best chance of getting a home loan approved.
Dealing with blacklisting
If a prospective homeowner has not kept up to date with their credit bureau reports, they may be in for a surprise when they apply for finance.
Tips for applying for a bond
The stats show that most people who are buying a home need finance for it. Here are a few essential tips for buyers who are applying for a home loan.
10 Common credit card mistakes
Using a credit card is all well and good until bad habits creep in. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes that will negatively impact your financial health.
How to plan for homeownership success
With 2016 predicted to be a financially tough year, those who plan to enter the property market will need to plan carefully to achieve their goal.
Somerset West, Strand and Gordons Bay area guide
Framed by mountains and beach, this trio of small towns has a laid-back but dynamic vibe and an irresistible outdoor lifestyle.
The power of your credit record
Keeping your credit record in good shape is of utmost importance to a successful home loan application.
Can i buy a house with bad credit?
Can I buy a house with bad credit? A question many still continue to ask as a result of being unscrupulous with their accounts payments. Read more to find out   “The banks are being ...
Home buying rules for first time couples
They say that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, but what about love and a mortgage? What should you consider if you’re buying your home as a couple for the first time? “A bit of planning now could save ...