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When does the ‘Cooling off’ period apply
Contrary to popular belief, the cooling off period does not apply to all property transactions. A signed offer to purchase remains valid, except for in these circumstances.
Can you make changes to an offer to purchase?
Amendments to an offer to purchase agreement have to be accepted by both parties in order for it to be binding.
What Do Conveyancing Attorneys Do, Who Appoints Them, and What are You Paying For?
Learn about the importance of conveyancing attorneys.
Points to ponder when selling your home
A few tips to consider before you embark on selling your home privately or through and estate agent.
Your deed of sale and the deposit
With every property transaction, there are certain steps which need to be followed. One of these steps pertains to the deed of sale. Most deeds of sale include a clause which stipulates that a deposit be paid by a certain date ...
The three-month wait
After many months of searching for and agonising over properties, you finally find your dream home. You put in an offer, which is accepted, and happy days – your bond application is approved. Keen to move in, you start packing ...
Should it stay or should it go?
Selling a home is pretty exciting, making it easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to discuss - and clarify - important issues with the buyer. Before cussing becomes the order of the day. One particularly prickly issue ...
Purchase of Property by Foreigners in South Africa
The Legal Landscape: Purchase and Sale Agreement  Our Common Law  The purchase and sale of property in South Africa is governed in terms of our common law.  In terms of our common law, any person with full legal capacity may ...