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Make sure you employ the right rental agent
How to find a good rental agent, to take the stress out of managing your investment property.
How to choose your agent
If you're new to selling real estate, the task can seem intimidating and even a bit overwhelming - but luckily you don’t have to tackle it alone.
Have your say: Is SA’s real estate industry racist?
Given the recent spate of racism and discrimination that surfaced in South Africa,
The role of the Estate Agency Affairs Board in property disputes
What is the EAAB, and how does it apply to disputes over property?
Estate agents must ensure audits are submitted on time
It is the time of the year when many companies have just had their financial year end, and estate agents must keep in mind that their full audits must be submitted within four months of their ...
The Importance of Finding the Right Agent
We have all undoubtedly heard that estate agents are basically out to fleece both buyers and sellers and that they earn far too much money for doing very little. Fortunately, while there may be those who don't practice according ...
Home inspection industry in for a shake-up?
Cowboy home inspectors watch out! A new bill will seek to define and regulate their role in the property industry. The Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) recently announced that the Property Practitioner’s Bill is being ...
Choosing an estate agent
Looking for an estate agent to help you sell your home? Here’s some advice you’ll want - because your choice of agent can make all the difference. Looking for an estate agent to help you sell your home? Here’s some advice ...
Important Announcement – EAAB deadline
The deadline is fast approaching for all those agents who had an FFC as at the 15th July, 2008. Many agents have not done anything about achieving the NQF qualification either level 4 or level 5. If ...
Your deed of sale and the deposit
With every property transaction, there are certain steps which need to be followed. One of these steps pertains to the deed of sale. Most deeds of sale include a clause which stipulates that a deposit be paid by a certain date ...