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Innovative ways to reduce your electricity bill this winter
The cold, wet weather translates into more nights spent at home, which can cause electricity bills to skyrocket. Here's how you can avoid higher electricity bills this winter.
6 weird and wonderful ways to cook your food
From cars to hair straighteners, people have discovered that they can cook their food in creative ways. How many of these would you try?
Why you should install separate meters in sectional title schemes
Installing separate meters for water and electricity will help the financial management of sectional title schemes. This is how the project needs to be tackled.
Smart homes and smarter cities
Amazing advances in technology are making it possible for you to connect to and remotely manage the appliances in your home.
Can you be held responsible for a previous owner’s unpaid bills?
Find out what your rights are if a municipality threatens to cut off your electricity because the previous owner of the property didn't pay his bills.
How to stay secure when the lights go out
It’s no secret that South Africa is plagued by crime. Recent statistics show that homeowners are most vulnerable between 5am and 9am and 5pm and 9pm. Unfortunately, criminals now appear to be coinciding their activities with ...
Court favours the landlord in electricity payment dispute
From a legislative perspective South African law favours the tenant, but a recent ruling has highlighted the need for landlord's rights to be considered.
Generators in Sectional Title Complexes
By all accounts, load shedding is here to stay. While many will make do with candles, torches and solar lamps, there are others who may want to sidestep the inconvenience of load shedding completely and install a generator at ...
Municipal debt: will the lights stay on?
The issue of “old municipal debt” has actually not been completely resolved yet, and is probably headed for the Constitutional Court.
Power to the people
Many of us are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living seems to go up dramatically every month. The prices of food, petrol and clothing are increasing at an alarming rate and the news that some landlords are ...