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The average first-time buyer will need 2 years to save for a deposit
According to BetterBond, home loan applications from first-time buyers continue to increase but their success is dependent on how financially disciplined they are.
The best (and worst) reasons to tap into your home equity
Unlocking your home equity for a home renovation or two can be a profitable investment… just don’t go splurging it on shopping sprees and unsettled bills.
Do the maths before investing in property
The main attraction of investing in property as opposed to other types of growth asset such as listed shares, says David de Waal, CEO of Steeple Estate Agents, is that you can get part of the purchase price financed. Then, if ...
How to invest in commercial property
Rather like taking the fastest ride at an amusement park there is something a little addictive about investing in the commercial sector. Yes, the risks are higher, but so too are the rewards.
Avoid analysis paralysis
Emotion and logic each have a role to play in decision-making, whether personal or business. However, if you want to become a successful property investor, it’s vital that you have a practical ...
The younger you are: the better to buy
Although the latest interest rate hike isn’t really going to make that much difference to the amount payable on your bond – right now – who knows what the future holds.
Ignorance aint bliss
For the large majority of consumers, purchasing a property will be the biggest investment decision they make and one that will affect their financial wellbeing for a long time to come.
Property investing for income and growth
At Marriott Asset Management, our whole focus of investing is to generate an income. Based on our extensive research into optimising an income stream, we have established that the best way for an investor to achieve an adequate ...
The key to investing in property
Most of us look at property as a secure long-term investment, or as a vehicle to provide for us when we retire. But what you may find very confusing are the very differing ...
How to Avoid Repossession
The interest rate is currently at its lowest level in years. The recent drop in interest rates implies that most home owners are paying less interest on their mortgage.