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The affordable housing market in South Africa
Simon Bray talks about the performance and future growth prospects of the South African affordable housing market.
Private Property supports the community
Simon Bray talks on the Expresso Show about how Private Property supports LIV Village.
How to manage a rental property
Simon Bray gives useful advice on the Expresso Show on how to manage rental properties.
Understanding the offer to purchase
Simon Bray explains more about the offer to purchase, on the Expresso Show.
Buying property from bank sales
Simon Bray tells you how to go about buying property from a bank sale.
Most popular areas in South Africa
Simon Bray tells the Expresso show which areas in South Africa are the most popular, according to the Private Property website.
Best cities in South Africa
Simon Bray chats to the Expresso show about which cities in South Africa are the best to live in and why.
Advice for first time home buyers
Factors to consider when buying a home for the first time.
How the budget speech affects property
Private Property CEO, Simon Bray discusses this year's budget speech and the ramifications for the property market.
New Year's resolutions for your home
See Simon Bray on the Expresso Show, talking about New Year's resolutions and property.