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How to buy a home that’s a ‘keeper’
With slow property price growth and high living costs to contend with, homeowners are staying in the same home for longer. Here’s how to buy for the long-term.
Taking out a loan for a bond deposit is a mistake
Getting into debt to pay a deposit when buying a home, can compromise your chances of qualifying for a home loan.
How marriage contracts affect property rights
Couples should consider the financial consequences of their marriage on their assets.
The importance of a budget for homeowners
Having a budget is an essential tool for achieving your goals and getting closer to owning a new home.
Things to consider before buying property in a trust
There are pros and cons to buying property in a trust so it is important to have a clear understanding of both before committing to this type of ownership.
There’s no excuse…You can save money
We’ve compiled 25 quickfire tips to help you cut back on everyday expenses and save money.
The one property investment goal you should make this year
Although New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, there is one that can really deliver enough financial benefits to keep homeowners motivated for a whole year.
Why it makes sense to get on the property ladder early
First-time buyers are getting on the property ladder later than previous generations, but they are missing out on the benefits of buying young.
Property investment 101
Property has long been a popular option for investors. Here are some tips on types of property investments available in South Africa.
Points to ponder before investing in a buy-to-let property
Buy to let advice from Private Property provides insights into the buy to let market to help you choose the best investment.