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Property Buyer Show 2017 | Financial advice from ABSA
Luther, an ABSA representative at the Property Buyer Show, offers financial advice and pro tips on how to maintain a good credit profile.
My family thinks it’s a mistake to buy a house
Most home buyers second guess their decision at some point, but those misgivings can be made worse if their family doesn’t support the decision.
Should South African lenders be offering new home loan options?
Home buyers in South Africa have limited home loan options compared to other markets globally. A shakeup of the status quo could make home ownership more accessible.
Financial tips: How to make your money work for you
In order to be financially free, you need to manage your money effectively and make it work for you. Here are some tips on how to do that.
5 ways you could lose your home
Defaulting on your home loan is not the only thing that can cause your home to be attached and auctioned off. These 5 things could have the same effect.
How to finance a property purchase on an estate
Lephoi Mokgatle, the head of Home Loans Digital at Nedbank, chats to the Afternoon Express team about how to finance property on an estate.
How to avoid losing your home when you can’t pay the bond
If you are in financial difficulty, your bank is likely to make arrangements that will allow you to keep your home.
How to avoid overcapitalising on your home renovations
Overspending on home improvements can leave you seriously out of pocket when you’re ready to sell.
Consider keeping your home to pay for frail care
Keeping your home and renting it out can help alleviate the financial strain of paying for retirement and frail-care facilities.
Should you pay off your home loan early?
The decision on whether to pay off your bond early will be determined by your personal circumstances. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.