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A guide to buying investment property on an estate
Neale Petersen, the founder and editor of Real Estate Investor Magazine discusses the ins and outs of buying property on an estate as an investment.
Episode 18: Property experts offer a final word of advice for first time home buyers.
In the final episode, our home buyer sits down with the property experts to talk about her buying journey, and the competition winner is announced.
Episode 16: A recap of the first time home buyer's journey.
In this episode of our home buyer series, we recap of the first time home buying process from start to finish.
Episode 17: How to prepare for the stressful task of moving home.
Get expert advice from a moving company on how to be prepared for the stressful task of moving home.
Episode 14: How to apply for a home loan.
A financial expert from Nedbank goes through the home loan application process in detail.
Episode 15: The conveyancing process explained for first time home buyers.
An expert property attorney explains the transfer costs involved and the conveyancing process for those buying a home.
Episode 13: How to make an offer to purchase on a home you love?
Making the offer to purchase. The property experts take you through the process of making an offer to buy a house that you've fallen in love with.
Episode 12: What first time home buyers need to know about home insurance.
Learn more about home insurance on SABC’s Expresso Show – what it covers, what it doesn’t and how Hollard’s Home Warranty can plug the gaps.
Episode 11: Important clauses to know in an offer to purchase document.
The offer to purchase agreement. An attorney explains what should be in a sales agreement and unpacks the various clauses a first time buyer should be aware of.
Episode 10: Buying your first home? Here's how to narrow down your options.
Private Property CEO, Simon Bray, gives insight on how to narrow down the options when buying property for the first time.