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Gauteng driving the first-time home buyer’s market
After 2 previous years of decline, the number of first time buyers entering the market has stablised in 2016 and 2017.
The 4 different types of property ownership in South Africa
You can by property as a natural person, a company, a corporation or as a trust. Find out the pros and cons of each.
Should you trust your gut when buying a house?
Many of us become emotionally invested when buying a home but it’s important to consider the practicalities too.
New Year’s resolutions for home buyers
A New Year’s resolution to purchase property will improve your life but will require financial commitment and discipline.
Homeowners are holding onto their properties for longer
The length of time South Africans remain in a property has increased as many homeowners wait for the property market to improve before selling.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | Tyto Group Investments
Tyto Group Investments chats about the benefits of buying into a gated community.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | Euphonik talks property investments
South African DJ, music producer, and radio presenter, Euphonik, shares his thoughts on what to consider when embarking on a property investment opportunity.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | The Exchange Lofts
Dylan, of the Exchange Lofts talks about Urban renewal in Braamfontein.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | Financial advice from ABSA
Luther, an ABSA representative at the Property Buyer Show, offers financial advice and pro tips on how to maintain a good credit profile.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | Cypriot Realty chats about offshore investments.
Jenny from Cypriot Realty offers useful tips and advice on how to secure an offshore investment.