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Buying a home: Should you follow your head or your heart?
You’re buying a home, not dating it, so it’s important that logic rather than emotion influences your decision.
Fixtures and fittings: what’s included in a sale
Disputes over fixtures and fittings during a property transaction are common. Here's what you can do to avoid misunderstandings.
Shoddy home maintenance could land you in court
That loose tile, rotting deck or wobbly ceiling fan could result in you getting sued if someone visiting your home gets injured because you failed to carry out adequate maintenance.
What’s included when you buy or sell a property?
Avoid confusion during a property transaction with this guide on how to differentiate between movable and fixed property. You rescued that genuine Victorian broekie lace when they demolished ...
Is it mine or yours?
It may seem like a secondary concern while basking in the happiness of finding your dream home but establishing what constitutes a fixture or fitting is an important part of the purchase process, which shouldn’t be ...
Should it stay or should it go?
Selling a home is pretty exciting, making it easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to discuss - and clarify - important issues with the buyer. Before cussing becomes the order of the day. One particularly prickly issue ...
Home maintenance tips for new homeowners
While purchasing a new home is definitely an exciting time for many first-time buyers, there are a number of new responsibilities that come along with the title.
Fixtures and Fittings
It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between a buyer and a seller regarding what is classified as a fixture and fitting and what isn’t, says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.
That’s Not a Fixture!
Removing light fittings, the satellite dish and taking the automatic pool cleaner with you when you move out of the house that you have just sold may not seem that big a deal, but strangely it is the petty things that so often ...
Upgrades that don't break the bank
In today’s real estate market there is no ideal formula to follow when it comes to selling a property, however there are economical ways to make a property more appealing and increase the chance of selling it in a shorter time ...