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Avoid underinsurance and stay the king of your castle
Your home is likely to be your most substantial financial investment. That’s why insuring it correctly is so important.
Does your insurance cover fires, floods and protests?
Natural disasters, service delivery protest and vandalism are a reality, so it’s prudent to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover in the event of your property being affected.
Hollard offers three No-Claim Rewards
Make your short-term insurance premiums work harder for you
Comprehensive insurance for the sports fanatic
Hollard’s Sporting bundle covers your sporting assets and liabilities from A-Z
Are your portable possessions correctly insured?
Home contents insurance covers your possessions while they are at home but this ceases when they leave the property. So, what’s the solution?
Tenants beware – your landlord’s insurance does not cover you
Tenants are often under the misconception that their belongings are covered by landlord’s insurance. This is however, not the case, and tenants need to have their own household content policy.
Insurance: is your home correctly covered?
The importance of ensuring that your home is insured to its correct value cannot be over-emphasised because losing an investment of this magnitude will have a devastating impact on your future
What homeowners need to know about insurance
Understanding the ins and outs of home insurance is crucial. Here’s what you need to know to safeguard your home against any unexpected loss or damage.
How homeowners can prepare for natural disasters
Recent floods were a stark reminder of just how powerful nature can be. With the possibility of a natural disaster striking at any time, homeowners need to be prepared.
Why Sell or Buy a Home With a Warranty?
A home is for most people the largest purchase they will make. And yet homes are bought without warranties. Not anymore!