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How to save on tax when you work from home
If you are self-employed or work from home regularly, you could be entitled to claim some expenses and reduce your tax bill.
Invest in property before April and save on VAT
Property buyers who invest before the revised tax figures kick in on 1 April 2018, will pay 14% VAT.
What tax benefits are property owners entitled to?
It is that time of year again where all income from property investments must be declared to SARS and is subject to income tax, this includes all rental income. Here’s what you need to know.
Tax tips for landlords
Owning a rental property that provides an income is much like owning a business, and as such there are tax implications and dues that need to be paid to the SARS.
Budget 2017: how it will affect the property market
What does this year’s budget speech mean for those who own property or are buying property this year? The heads of some of SA’s biggest estate agencies have their say.
Tax Tips: How property can save you money
The tax season is a time to reflect on the financial year and to start planning on how best to focus on your financial growth.
Tax tips for renting out your property
How rental income is taxed and what may or may not be deducted as capital and non-capital expenses.
Tax benefits of home ownership
Those home owners who buy a property with the idea of writing off expenses to reduce their personal tax, should be very clear on what the law states.
Capital Gains Tax isn’t the loss you think
Is the thought of the capital gains tax (CGT) that you might pay when you sell sometime in the future putting you off buying your home right now? It shouldn’t be. Strangely, though, it does seem to prevent some people from ...
Take the risk out of investing
Investing in property? Here’s stuff you need to know first!   Decide on a niche In order to make an informed purchasing decision, you need to know what the market-related selling prices and rentals are. Since it is very ...