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What to do with your home when you emigrate?
Once you’ve decided to emigrate, you’re faced with major decisions regarding your home and its contents. Here are a few tips.
It's an international property showdown
We take a look at properties in different countries around the world and how they compare to SA, with how much bang you can get for your buck.
What a million-dollar home looks like around the globe
The lucky few that can afford to spend big money on property have lots of exotic options. Here’s what $1m will buy you across the globe.
The world’s most expensive buildings
According to, the following buildings rank as some of the world’s most expensive buildings constructed in recent times.
5 architectural masterpieces that will blow your mind
Architecture is a powerful thing. Its impact goes far beyond mere shelter or protection from the elements. It has the ability to shape lives and influence the very way in which people live.
The world's wealthiest
Which cities have the world's wealthiest people, and how does South Africa compare?
Prime global rental markets down
Knight Frank’s Prime Global Rental Index tracks the change in luxury residential rents across 17 cities globally.
SA rentals offer terrific value to foreigners
Upmarket rentals are proving a hit with foreign business executives, diplomats and professionals who are on assignment to this country.
The tiny house revolution unpacked
Internationally, many are choosing to live in small homes for environmental and financial reasons. Will the trend reach South Africa?
Where South Africans invest
The results of a recent survey on where South Africans choose to invest.