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How to keep your food fresh for longer
Annoyed by food going off too quickly? Cut food waste and save money with these storage tips to make your food last longer.
16 ways you can use mirrors to brilliant effect
Check out our top tips on using mirrors to reflect your unique sense of style
5 tips to affordably smarten up your first home
In the media, millennials are often treated like the proverbial younger sibling, mocked for their shortcomings and begrudged for how easy they have it, in comparison to their predecessors.
6 ways to prevent plumbing problems
If you already own a home you should use the following checklist to find problems and fix them before they become major issues that cost you a fortune.
Kitchen storage tips
It doesn’t take much for kitchen cupboards to start looking untidy. Here are our top tips for cleaning and sorting out those cupboards.
How millennials are redefining interior design
The latest generation of home buyers are changing the shape of home design and putting the focus on functionality.
Black is the new black
A guide on how to effectively use black in your home to make details stand out or create an elegant, yet dramatic effect.
6 kitchen trends to look out for in 2017
A kitchen revamp can add major value to your property. These are the crucial trends you need to know about if you’re planning a kitchen renovation.
Dramatic design trends for 2017
Get a head start on making sure that your home is on trend with the latest news on what’s hot for the home in 2017.
Before you buy, ask these questions
Ask these questions at a show day, to ensure that you make the best home buying decision possible.