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No boost for property from SONA
This year's SONA was more of the same, with little in it to boost the confidence needed to re-energise the economy and property market.
Land Rights Act declared invalid by Constitutional Court
New land claims have been put on ice for now after the Constitutional Court declared the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act of 2014 invalid.
How new property laws could affect the Cape Winelands
The government’s plans to restrict foreign ownership of agricultural land could potentially have a negative outcome on the Cape Winelands and South Africa’s growing tourism sector as a whole.
Why you should be concerned by the Expropriation Bill
The new bill, which is about to be passed into law, gives the state the power to expropriate any property and pay you what the government thinks it's worth.
Expropriation Bill - fair or foul?
The way in which government is tackling the land reform issue has garnered criticism from all corners and has raised concerns about property rights going forward.
Expropriation Bill gets passed
With all eyes on the budget during the last week of February, the government hurried through the Expropriation Bill.
Historic debt on a property– who is liable?
A recent Supreme Court of Appeal Judgement has got South African homeowners running scared.
Property sector in for a change
Draft legislation aims to transform property sector.
KwaZulu-Natal Midlands: not for sale?
Nothing brings a community together like a perceived threat to their environment, water sources, lifestyle, and properties by outsiders.
Rezoning or subdividing your property
What rezoning and subdividing are, and how to go about applying for either of these for your property.