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Successfully Letting Your Property
Investing in property to let could prove to be a safe and profitable investment, if managed correctly.
Three new landlord questions answered
In these increasingly difficult economic times, it would be wise for landlords (or those looking to get into the game) to consider working with a managing agent
Tenants beware – your landlord’s insurance does not cover you
Tenants are often under the misconception that their belongings are covered by landlord’s insurance. This is however, not the case, and tenants need to have their own household content policy.
Guidelines on rental income payment
Advice on how to set a rental amount, what could go wrong and what the tax implications of rental income are.
Don't Paper Over the Cracks
There is far more to being a landlord than simply collecting the rent every month. Property, regardless of who lives in it, needs to be maintained and tenants warned about potential hazards.   One Durban landlord found this ...
Landlord? Insurance could save your bacon
Although landlords may believe that they are on their own and that dealing with a rogue tenant is just part and parcel of renting out a property, there are ways for them to protect their investment.
Landlords: reduce your investment risk
Upskilling and insurance are helping small buy-to-let investors to expand their knowledge and offset associated risks. I
Landlords: Read this!
While property is always going to be a good investment, being a landlord involves much more than simply finding the right tenant and collecting the rent every month.
Income Tax on Rental Income
Daleen Malan, Senior Associate at Werksman Attorneys says homeowners should consider the income tax implications triggered by renting out their properties, as it relates to rental periods. Rental income received by or accrued to ...