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When ratepayers take matters into their own hands
Poor service delivery is unfortunately a sad reality for many South African towns. Instead of moaning, the residents of some small towns are taking the initiative and fixing things themselves.
A victory for property owners
Terrific news for the property market. A recent court judgment has indicated that owners will no longer be liable for historical municipal debt on their property.
Holding onto your property can be costly
As municipal rates keep going up, the longer sellers keep their property on the market, the higher the holding costs will be.
Hot tax tips for rental property owners
Over the past few years, economic uncertainty and stock market volatility has boosted investor interest in residential rental property.
Small homes show the biggest price growth
The increased demand for smaller homes by home buyers due to affordability pressures is driving strong price growth in that segment.
Multiple price hikes are bad news for South Africans
Electricity, DSTV, E-tolls -consumers are being subjected to rising costs across the board. What are the implications for the economy?
Property rates are always payable
A recent court judgment has found that property owners are expected to pay their rates in full regardless of whether they use municipal services or not.
2016 - Prepare for a bumpy ride
The plunging rand and the effects of one of the worst droughts in living memory will make 2016 a tough year for SA consumers.
How your property's value impacts your rates and taxes bill
Find out more about municipal rates and sectional title rates, as well as how they are used.
Finding the right solution for poor flat owners
Thousands of poor people who were sold discounted council flats could lose them because they cannot afford the levy payments.