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What are your rights when developers build next door?
Do property developers have a responsibility to let you know when they plan to develop next to your home? And can you object?
Guidelines for keeping birds as pets
Many people in South Africa are fond of keeping birds as pets, but could you run fowl of the law by keeping one on your property?
Noisy, nuisance neighbours? Know your rights
Neighbours making your life hell? Don’t despair – the law is on your side. Find out what your rights are when the noise levels and your blood pressure go up
Can my neighbour block my view?
What are a homeowner’s rights when a neighbour’s new building threatens to block their view? Uncovering the issues at the heart of the endless debates on protecting a view
How to resolve disputes with your neighbours
Many of us will have disagreements with the neighbours at some stage. It’s advisable to speak to them first but if that fails then the authorities may need to get involved.
Why it pays to get along with your neighbours
Working together with your neighbours on improving security and maintaining your neighbourhood develops community spirit and leads to higher property values.
Running a business from home illegally will land you in trouble
Just because the municipality has turned a blind eye allowing you to run a guesthouse from your home, this doesn't mean your neighbours are going to have to ignore the situation.
What should you pay for a view?
A home with a view will generally sell for more than a home without one. But just how much value does a view add?
Dealing with noise in a sectional title scheme
Although living in a sectional title scheme has many benefits, living in close proximity to others can pose challenges.
Buying? Here’s why choosing the right neighbourhood is so important
When buying property, the lifestyle on offer is just as important as the house itself. These are some important things to consider.