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Cost of buying a home| Home Buyers
The cost of buying a house in South Africa can be confusing to many buyers. Read a detailed explanation of these costs in our blog article.
Buying? Don’t alter the property until the transfer goes through
You’ll lose out financially if the deal falls through. You should however spend the time before the transfer takes place to plan ahead.
Why the occupational rent clause is important
A well composed sale agreement is meant to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, things can still go wrong.
Beware the occupational rent trap
Occupational rent is an aspect that often gets overlooked in a sales agreement. Setting the rental too high or too low can have disastrous consequences for buyers or sellers.
Bulletproof your home buying budget
The excitement of buying a new home can soon to dismay if you don’t budget for all upfront and ongoing costs. Here’s how to plan your budget.
Registration and Transfer Costs - Explained
Find out the estimated costs of buying a property, when to pay, who to pay, and what the money is used for.
What is occupational rent?
Regardless of whether someone is on the selling or buying end of a property transaction, it is imperative that they are familiar with all the conditions that the offer to purchase stipulates.
Beware of property scams
There are numerous cons relating to property, make sure you know what to look out for.
Timing is everything
The time taken by property selling, buying and transferring is a variable commodity and depends on a host of individual influencing factors in specific geographical areas. It’s also dictated by ...
Home loan homework 101
For most of us, buying a home means applying for a home loan. Here's how to get yourself in pole position for getting your home loan approved