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How to prepare your home for your new pet
Before welcoming a new pet to your home, you need to prepare your home to prevent accidents. Here are some tips for pet-proofing your home.
Tips for tenants and landlords on renting with pets
Tenants who wish to move with pets should take certain precautions before signing a lease, in order to avoid rental disputes.
Pet Ownership in sectional title schemes
Pets are considered a part of the family by many and disputes around them can be an emotive issue. The STSMA lays down the rules regarding pets in sectional title schemes.
Important information that should be included in a lease agreement
A residential lease agreement is a legally binding document so tenants should ensure that they read and understand it before signing.
Exclusive and common use areas in sectional title schemes
Owners and renters in sectional title schemes need to be familiar with the rules governing exclusive and shared use areas.
Home designs for your four-legged family
Useful tips for creating a pet-friendly home so that you and your four-legged companions can live happily together.
Dog-friendly restaurants in Johannesburg
These are the eating establishments in Joburg where your pooch is welcome.
Pets and a rental home
Here’s what can you do to ensure you and your animals remain on the good side of your landlord
Don’t leave your pets in the lurch
While you’re on holiday having a merry old time this festive season, make sure your pets are safe and happy while you’re gone.
Not so (pet) friendly South Africa
Finding a pet-friendly rental home is becoming increasingly tough as a “no pet” policy spreads across major metros in South Africa.