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Get your home summer ready
With spring almost out the door, and summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your home ready for the warm months ahead. Check out these tips on how to best prepare for the new season.
You can't hold the body corp responsible for everything
Just because you pay levies doesn't mean that the body corporate will be responsible for everything that occurs on the sectional title premises or be liable for every expense when things go wrong.
How to spare swimming-pool water amidst a drought
With SA experiencing its worst drought in years, being careful about you deal with your swimming pool water is extremely important.
Natural pool: natural indulgence
Summer’s here, and after the long, hot commute home from work a person’s thoughts turn to cooling down – in a pool of ... silk? “There’s nothing quite like the feeling of swimming in water that’s filtered by nature,” said Dave ...
Sell – whatever the season
I’ve come to realise over the past few years that South Africans hibernate during winter. Once the chilly season sets in, any thoughts of an evening braai go up in smoke, social events are generally poorly attended and it feels ...
SPF40 for your home
Happily, with the exception of a few pockets around the country, winter is already a distant memory. It’s time to breathe a collective sigh of relief, pack away the down duvets, scarves and beanies, and summer-ready your ...
Everything you need to know about swimming pools
A look at all the options and what to consider when building a pool or dealing with the challenges of renovating an existing pool.
Do you really want a pool?
At this time of year, homeowners often think about putting in a pool in time for summer, but you shouldn’t count on it adding much value to your home.
Increasing your property value
Your property is one of the largest investments you will make in your life time. Maintain that investment and increase the re-sale value with these steps.