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Rainwater tanks: Should a landlord or tenant supply them?
Many home owners are installing rainwater tanks and grey-water systems to help them meet water restrictions and to protect themselves against a Day Zero scenario. But what of tenants?
It cost Cape Town a fortune to #KeepItClean
The Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s autumn Urban Management campaign put stompies and street refuse on display in the CBD to drive home the message that mess costs money.
Money saving tips: Sell, up-cycle and buy second-hand
Before making any drastic decisions or signing up for that second job, you should first consider selling items you no longer use, re-purposing other items and changing your spending habits.
3D printing to provide the housing solutions of the future?
3D printing technology is now being applied to homes, which could cause a revolution in the global housing market.
Green workspace attracts tenants
An office space developer has made its latest building certifiably green, but it turns out this isn’t in response to tenant demand.
Melville’s 27Boxes offers a fresh new take on retail therapy
A new retail space made entirely from shipping containers has rejuvenated Faan Smit Park in Melville, Johannesburg.
Upcycled DIY projects for around the house
Learn how you can create your own upcycled masterpieces by reusing unwanted items around your home.
Recycle now, for the future
With over-consumption and pollution ravaging our planet, it’s up to every one of us to do what we can to make a difference. Recycling is a good start.
Living the green dream
Towards the end of April, the “My Green Home” challenge kicked off at the home of the Ngewanas, a family interested in living green. The challenge is an initiative of the Green Building Council ...
Let’s Talk Trash!
Most first-world countries have not only recognised the importance of recycling, but their citizens are actively playing a role in ensuring that as many goods as possible are discarded in such a way that they can be reused. ...