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Points to ponder before investing in a buy-to-let property
Investing in a buy-to-let property can potentially be profitable but needs to be weighed up carefully against other investment options.
Understanding the implications of Capital Gains Tax
One of the most confusing (and important) parts to selling your home is understanding property tax and the impact it can have on your gains or losses.
Hot tax tips for rental property owners
Over the past few years, economic uncertainty and stock market volatility has boosted investor interest in residential rental property.
Tax Tips: How property can save you money
The tax season is a time to reflect on the financial year and to start planning on how best to focus on your financial growth.
Tax benefits of home ownership
Those home owners who buy a property with the idea of writing off expenses to reduce their personal tax, should be very clear on what the law states.
The three-month wait
After many months of searching for and agonising over properties, you finally find your dream home. You put in an offer, which is accepted, and happy days – your bond application is approved. Keen to move in, you start packing ...
Capital Gains Tax for property owners and investors
The ramifications and implications of South Africa’s Capital Gains Tax (CGT) are these days fairly well understood by the business community and those with substantial assets, but..
Transfer duty or VAT?
When buying a property, the cost of the transfer duty or the VAT, whichever is applicable, is calculated on the purchase price and becomes due prior to the registration of a sale.
Income Tax on Rental Income
Daleen Malan, Senior Associate at Werksman Attorneys says homeowners should consider the income tax implications triggered by renting out their properties, as it relates to rental periods. Rental income received by or accrued to ...
Timeous Transfers
When it comes to selling a property, choosing the right attorney for the job can make all the difference to how long the transfer process will take, says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. He explains that in the ...