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Should I buy first or sell first?
There are three factors that you should consider when deciding whether to sell your old home first then buy, or vice versa.
Understanding the ‘who’s who’ of a property transaction
Buying property is more complex than it appears to be on the surface. It’s important to understand the roles of the various role players involved in a property sale.
Should you move, or stay put and improve?
Not sure if you should sell your home right now? These seven questions will guide your ‘move or improve’ decision
Conveyancing fees have increased
The recommended charge for conveyancing fees increased on 1 May and any conveyancing attorney who receives an instruction after this date will be entitled to charge more for their services
How much does it cost to sell your home?
Planning to sell your property? Be sure to plan ahead and budget effectively for the additional costs involved in the process of selling a home.
Who pays the special levy when a property is being sold?
The payment of a special levy does not pass on to a buyer if the seller was still the registered owner of the property when the levy was raised.
Holding onto your property can be costly
As municipal rates keep going up, the longer sellers keep their property on the market, the higher the holding costs will be.
Selling your home? Choose your conveyancing attorney wisely
Picking the right legal property specialist is essential to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership when selling your home.
What to know about your neighbourhood before selling your home
Considering the unique dynamics that surround your neighbourhood is vital before deciding to enter the selling market.
Buyers & sellers markets explained
Everything you need to know about the buyers and sellers’ market before buying or purchasing a home.