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How to choose the best offer on your house
Price isn’t the only thing to consider when evaluating offers on your property. Here’s what else you need to look out for before signing that offer to purchase.
Check the plans before you buy
Find out why it's of utmost importance to check the plans of a property before you buy it.
The offer to purchase agreement : suspensive and resolutive conditions
What is a condition, and why do suspensive and resolutive conditions exist?
Sellers should have a backup plan
When selling a property, it’s useful to have a backup offer on the table in case the original offer falls through. 
First come, first served?
What should you do when you receive more than one offer on your home? Sounds like a bit of a stupid question – you accept the highest offer, right? Well, maybe not. When it comes to selling a property it’s not all about the ...
SALE FAIL: Don’t keep your seller in suspense
Most, if not all, property sale agreements contains suspensive conditions. If you're buying, you need to understand these conditions: doing so could save you a great deal of money and keep matters out of the High Court in the ...
“I want my money back!”
Most of think that the deposit we put down when buying a home will be refunded if the sale doesn’t go through. After all, we are not talking about a paltry sum here, we are talking about a large amount of money that is lodged ...
Sorry seconds
While the adage “practice makes perfect” often holds true, it doesn’t always apply to those buying property. Buying a home the second time around is not necessarily going to be easier. “Obviously, the biggest difference for ...
Is your Agent good enough?
The real test of an estate agent's ability and dedication is not so much how he markets and sells a property, but how fully they are involved with the seller, the buyer and the conveyance..
Buy or Sell first - Which is better?
When it comes to time to sell, whether to upscale or downscale, there is always the dilemma of whether to buy another property first, subject to selling the current home or to sell the existing one first and then buy elsewhere, ...