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Home upgrades that increase value
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank talks about which home improvements increase your home's value the most.
Getting finance to build your dream home
Nedbank's Tim Akinnusi gives advice on how banks go about providing loans to those wanting to build their own home.
Extra costs involved with buying a home
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank talks about the extra costs that will be incurred, aside from the purchase price, when buying a home.
Different homes for different lifestyles
Tim Akinnusi talks to the Win A Home show about the different homes that are available and the lifestyles that they cater for.
The effects of interest rate hikes
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank explains the affect that interest rate hikes have on the cost of living and people's ability to service debt.
Buying into an estate
Tim Akinnusi talks about applying for finance when buying into an estate, and the pro's and con's of estate living.
Where to start when buying a home
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank talks about what considerations to take into account before beginning a property search.
Changes to Nedbank's online bond application process
Nedbank have made adjustments to this process in order to address certain consumer needs. Tim Akinnusi tells all.
How did the Instant Bond Indicator come about?
Nedbank developed this useful tool for property buyer's for a few reasons.
What are the benefits of Nedbank's Instant Bond Indicator?
There are many benefits to know how much you could qualify for, before even beginning the bond application process. This is a summary.