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A guide to buying property as an investment
The ins and outs of investing in property and the costs included.
Is buying property in a trust the way to go?
Find out more about the different types of trusts that can be set up and whether it is always the best option to house your assets.
The ideal structures to consider when buying property with a partner
Jose Delgado, a corporate commercial attorney, gives advice on which structure is best to use and what each structure involves.
What’s the deal when buying property with a friend?
It was Calvin - the star of Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes cartoons - who famously said that “Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.” But it’s probably safe to assume that he wasn’t considering buying ...
Capital Gains Tax isn’t the loss you think
Is the thought of the capital gains tax (CGT) that you might pay when you sell sometime in the future putting you off buying your home right now? It shouldn’t be. Strangely, though, it does seem to prevent some people from ...
Teach your children well
Our aunt Rosemary has promised to die tidy. For years this has seen her going through cupboards and finding alternative homes for clothing, household items and memorabilia that she feels she can do without. It has also involved ...
How to deftly draft a trust doc
Being partial to a little poise and polish, I’ve always firmly subscribed to the belief that you can be comfortable when you’re dead. Why for example would you travel in a tracksuit when you could arrive in, say, Milan looking ...
Legal requirements when registering a property in a company
Registering your property in a company is a popular choice but is important to understand the legal requirements first.
Moving right along
It came as rather a rude awakening, at the wake of our much missed uncle-with-large-property-portfolio, when whisperings had it that he hadn’t made precise plans for the passing on of the portfolio. Nieces and nephews from all ...
What About Tax On Property Loans In Trusts?
The sale of property to a trust remains a popular method of accumulating assets, particularly in families. However, trusts cannot always afford to pay a seller immediately. The future payment to a seller is then facilitated ...