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Are show days still relevant in the digital age?
Wondering whether show days are still an important part of a property marketing strategy? We give you the pros and cons.
South African property market predictions for 2018
Wondering what the property market will be doing this year? We asked some of the country’s leading experts for their views.
Episode 11: Moving on after a loss
In this episode, the team help Johan, who has lost his wife, sell their family home and move on.
Episode 12: Time to give back
In the spirit of Christmas, the team heads to Durban to renovate a classroom at the Liv Village.
Episode 10: Moving back to Gauteng
In this week’s episode of Vat Jou Goed en Trek, the team helps a couple sell their Cape Town home so they can move back to Gauteng.
Episode 9: Time to downsize
In this episode, the team help a family sell a home that is too big for them, now that the children are moving out.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | Tyto Group Investments
Tyto Group Investments chats about the benefits of buying into a gated community.
Property Buyer Show 2017 | Euphonik talks property investments
South African DJ, music producer, and radio presenter, Euphonik, shares his thoughts on what to consider when embarking on a property investment opportunity.
The most expensive suburbs In Durban
Our list of most expensive suburbs is dominated by areas north of the city and inland, revealing that wealthy buyers are moving away from the city in search of their ideal lifestyle.
Episode 8: Selling up to upsize
In this episode, the team travels to Cape Town to meet a family who need to sell in order to buy a bigger house.