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Barnard and Mans Attorneys & Conveyancers was established in 2021 during a very challenging time in history which demonstrates our ability as two very determined, focused, and confident businesswoman and attorneys.

We were both mentored by Roland T Eloff who was a well-known and established attorney in the Krugersdorp and surrounding areas, but who tragically passed away in 2021. This tragedy made us realise how unique and short life is and encouraged us to start our own firm. Our firm is driven by two strong willed attorneys who are motivated, dedicated, and diligent with the matters we take on. We thrive on getting the best results for our clients and are also highly competitive when it comes to being cost effective.

We both take pride in offering professional legal services whilst forming good relationships with each of our clients. We believe that forming these good relationships secures a continuous influx of work from both existing and new clients. SERVICES WE OFFER


• Property Transfers and Registrations

• Drafting of Sale and Lease Agreements

• Rental and Levy Collections

• Evictions

We offer a tailor made service to each of our clients and assist them throughout each of the phases in the transfer process. We understand the stress and excitement that comes with selling or buying a property and would like to make the transfer process as quick and hassle free as possible.

Looking at getting a lessee for your property and earning that extra income on your investment? Let us help you draft a lease agreement that will protect your interests.

If you are experiencing sleepless nights due to lessee’s not paying their rental and/or levies or if you cannot seem to get rid of an unwanted and unlawful occupier, give us a call to set up the consultation and we will happily assist you.


• Drafting of Last Will and Testaments

• Winding up of Deceased Estates

• Registration and/or Amendments of Trusts

You wouldn’t skydive without a parachute or go on a roller coaster ride without being strapped in, would you? Because we know how important it is to have a Last Will and Testament, we offer free drafting of last Will and Testaments provided they are not overly complicated. Please note that this offer only applies if you contact us to set up an appoint. Death is the one thing we can all be sure of, so why not be prepared and avoid family disputes.

We can also act as agents for nominated executors to assist them in winding up the estate and ensuring that your loved ones get the necessary guidance and efficient service during this difficult time. We endeavor to get all our estate wound up as quickly as reasonably possible.

Thinking of creating a Trust whilst you are still alive, or making provision for one in your testament? Let us help and offer you guidance with the registration and/or the amendment thereof.


We can assist you with the drafting of various agreements, including but not limited to purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, shareholders agreements, service level agreements, employment contracts, acknowledgement of debt, memorandum of incorporations, sale of shares/member’s interest, restraint of trades, etc.

We also recommend that our clients make use of our services to check agreements on their behalf before they sign same, to ensure that they are aware of all the “Fine Print” as the saying goes.


• Divorces

• Parental Plans

• Evictions

• Debt Collections

We know how difficult a separation can be and we offer you our assistance throughout the whole divorce procedure.  We do our utmost to get the best outcome for you.  

Having kids is a blessing and we understand that sometimes the love two people had for each other dies, however the love you share for your children does not.  We are able to assist with the drafting of a parental plan as well as making same an order of court. 

Although our specialty lies in conveyancing and drafting, we do litigate in certain civil areas of the legal field. Should we not have the necessary knowledge or skills to litigate on your behalf, we would rather direct you to someone that can as we are not in it for the billable hours but rather to provide a quality service and value for your money.

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