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On the 1 March 2015 two of East London’s oldest legal firms Bax Kaplan Incorporated and Russell Incorporated merged into the firm now known as Bax Kaplan Russell Incorporated. Both firms have long and proud histories of providing top quality legal services and will continue to be attorneys of choice for clients both locally, nationally and internationally. Bax Kaplan Russell Incorporated has made its priority the provision of effective and practical legal advice and services whilst at all times maintaining and growing the professional relationships with its clients. It is for this reason that the firm has numerous long standing clients who have placed their faith in the professional staff at Bax Kaplan Russell Incorporated for a number of years. By offering a broad spectrum of legal services the firm is able to cater for each client’s specific needs. Areas of specialization within the firm ensure that Bax Kaplan Russell Incorporated is at the forefront of legal services in East London.

History and Profile of Russell Incorporated.

Russell Incorporated was founded in 1955 by Mr. David Russell under the name and style of David Logan Russell, attorney, notary and conveyancer and later grew into a partnership know as Russell Esterhuizen Lindsay and Sephton, practising from the Allied Building. In 1989 a change of partners lead to a name change to Russell, Esterhuizen, Nel and De Klerk. In 2001 the firm changed its name to Russell Incorporated.

History and Profile of Bax Kaplan Incorporated.

On the 1st March 2004 the firms, Bax Partnership and Marshall Kaplan Inc. amalgamated to form Bax Kaplan Inc. Bax Incorporated was an amalgamation of 3 firms, namely Randall & Bax, Addelson Kirk & Moolman and Norton Gale & Kingon. This amalgamation took place on 1 March 1976. The original firm of Marshall & Drake was established in 1880 and became Marshall Kaplan when Mr Marshall died in 1934 and Abe Kaplan was joined by his brother, Lewis who continued practising as Marshall Kaplan until the firm was dissolved on 28 February 2004, when Marshall Kaplan Inc. amalgamated with the Bax Partnership.


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