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Conveyancing and Property Law Purchasing a property is a sizeable investment; navigating the transfer of ownership,registration of a bond, creating usage agreements if necessary and all of the associated legalities can be a daunting task. Our specialist conveyancing team will ensure that servitudes, sectional title schemes, deeds office enquiries, drafting of property related agreements, property law advice, powers of attorney and all related issues are comprehensively and seamlessly handled.

Estate Planning, Wills and Deceased Estates

Estate planning is an essential part of financial planning, and drafting a will is a critical aspect of this exercise. A will ensures that your assets are disposed of according to your wishes after your death, including providing for loved ones, avoiding unnecessary taxation and achieving efficient administration of the estate. Our experienced team will carefully structure your last will and testament and deliver exceptional service throughout what can be a complex process, allowing deceased estates to be wound up in the shortest possible time.


Our legally empowered attorneys are able to certify official documents, as well as drafting documents for official purposes both within South Africa and abroad. We are adept at drafting and registering ante-nuptial contracts, notarial deeds and contracts, as well as attesting, authenticating and notarising documents for foreign use.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

We are well versed in procedural techniques related to both civil and commercial litigation. We represent our clients throughout South African High Court jurisdictions, and frequently represent stakeholders in the National Consumer Tribunal. Our approach is both strategic and focused, placing our clients in the strongest possible position

Our team has in-depth experience across a broad range of areas, and is therefore well placed to provide you with expert, relevant advice and support across a multitude of matters.

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