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Fiona Williamson Attorneys is a general practice firm specializing in property transactions. We pride ourselves on service to the public ensuring that the client gets the very best attention to his transaction. Being an owner driven firm, we firmly focus on the client always having access to the attorney directly and not to a secretary or para legal attending to their matter.


A property transaction is one of the single biggest purchases a person will make in their life time and it is essential that they understand and comprehend the full spectrum of the documents they are signing and the implications of entering into the contract of sale.


We are available 24/7 to clients for any legal questions or concerns that they have. With over 20 years’ experience in the legal field, we are confident that the client is always made to feel like they are our priority and not merely another file on a desk.


Having grown up and practised for a number of years in the Port Elizabeth area as well as a short stint overseas, and now being based in Mossel Bay for the last 10 years, she understands that time is of the essence for these kinds of transactions and that  there are loads of other factors in play. Things like arranging moving trucks, connection of electricity and enrolling of children in different school are all things that have an impact on the timing of the transaction. These important questions get asked up front when the contract is received by her offices and we do our very best to ensure that our time lines for registration of the matters coincide as closely as possible with the client’s needs and requirements.


No transfer is regarded as being too small or insignificant – every one matters and receives the same attention to detail.


South Africa still boasts one of the best controlled Deeds Office Registries in the world and in this field, we take our work very seriously. Diligence is vital to ensure the accurate transfer of the correct property to the correct parties.


Over and above property transactions we are also involved in drafting of contracts, wills and ante nuptial contracts.


Getting married is probably one of the most stressful occasions in a person’s life and things need to be in place to make sure that if for some unforeseen reason, the marriage ends, that there is correct provision made for the parties. Everyone always associates an Ante Nuptial Contract with an impending divorce but few people recognise that death is a large component as to why marriages end. The last thing you want or need is not to have made provision for your beloved spouse in the event of your untimely death.


A final will and testament can be a very simple documents but so many people forget to complete one or update it. A new updated will is a supplementary service that is offered to the client, usually without charge.


On a social responsibility level, Fiona Williamson is the current Rotary Club of Mossel Bay president and involved in various charities and serves on the Boards of various associations in the town. Having an intense love of animals, she is further a “furmom” to  cats and dogs believing in the policy “adopt a shelter dog  - don’t buy a puppy”


Please feel free to view our Facebook page – Fiona Williamson Attorneys for the various aspects that we can be of assistance or if you have a more personal question – kindly dial 082 820 6428 for a personal consultation with Fiona.

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