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We are a leading specialist conveyancing law firm and deliver the most efficient and professional service to our clients, which contributes to our long standing and on-going success in the industry.


At Greyvensteins, we constantly strive towards ensuring the complete satisfaction to our clients’ needs and develop very personal and loyal relationships along the way.


We provide a speedy, accurate and dependable property transfer and all other forms of conveyancing services to our clients’, banking institutions and estate agents in general.


With regular property forums and training sessions on the property sector and its trends, we are one of the leading law firms which gives back to the industry in various areas of educational training. All in all in an attempt at keeping up with our efforts to maintain our place as one of the leading conveyancing law firms, and for the purposes of maintaining and nurturing our growth and expansion in this area.

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Building no 3 Parc du Cap 3 Mispel Road Bellville 7535

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