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The sale of your most valued asset can be daunting, tedious and expensive. Should it be entrusted to a specialist?

Our approach is Dynamic, Reliable, Efficient and Pro-Active.  This approach coupled with our Specialist knowledge and Experience gives us a Competitive Advantage in this field.


Why trust us with your most valued asset?

We Guarantee:

The Shortest property Transfer – our proactive approach saves you time and money.

Stress free – we are able to guide you through every stage of the process.

Convenient and Personalised  –  our service is delivered with you in mind and is structured around your availability and your needs.

Peace of Mind” – your property transfer is important to us and is handled with the highest levels of competence.

Access to a Conveyancer – you will have access (during and after hours) to a conveyancer who will be fully informed on your matter.

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Work Space Building No 1 Maxwell Drive Sunninghill Sandton

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