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As a team of highly effective attorneys who drive solutions without fuss, we are a unit committed to the best interests of our clients. This means that as a team of like-minded individuals we work to overcome challenges at all times within the parameters of absolute professionalism and integrity.

Our pliability is augmented by a network of counsel and experts we have established over our 15 years in the legal profession. Our services are unmatched in depth, impact and professionalism. When we work with a client, we don’t only provide a service, we provide a partnership.

Should we have to approach court in a specific field of the law, or is confronted by a complex tax challenge, we enlist experienced expertise known in the particular industry and also by the judiciary - the good old fashioned “horses for courses” method that works well. Thus, we are able to call on specialist expertise as and when the need arises.

So, whilst we are eminently competent, when circumstances demand it, we hire experts, with our client's permission, of course, that has been tried and tested in the field, to augment our expertise and ensure the best possible outcome. Our firm is divided into three fields of expertise, i.e., commercial and corporate services, litigation and property services.

In everyday reality, there is a constant flow of information and strategy between each division, enforcing the fact that we provide multi-dimensional advice. This is highly effective because, for instance, when advising on a commercial transaction, we draw on our experience as litigants to foresee and mitigate with the risks, and vice versa.

We are easily manoeuvrable and able to adjust quickly to focus on our clients’ needs, with minimal disruption and no bureaucracy. This adaptability is a conscious decision – it is a quality which allows us to handle the ebbs and flow of the commercial world smoothly. It means we are able to adjust to constantly changing circumstances with relative ease with talented attorneys and competent support staff at the heart of the business.

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