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Stopforth Swanepoel & Brewis Incorporated was established during 1995. It was and still is our ambition to provide a wide range of legal services on a specialised basis, always keeping in mind that our professionalism is aimed at the effective management of the client's needs and demands.

Our aim and mission is to keep all clients, individual and corporate, satisfied by introducing to them a confident and professional attitude, complemented by the successful finalisation of the task at hand.

Stopforth Swanepoel & Brewis Incorporated has competent personnel that ensure the professional handling of instructions and clients.

Our Conveyancing Department is managed by Lorraine Mouton, Marelize van der Merwe and Tilla Fischer, senior conveyancing typists, with many years experience in conveyancing matters under the leadership of our directors Floors Stopforth, Tom Swanepoel and Johan Brewis.

We also provide General Litigation as well as Estate Planning and Estate Administration Services.

As a legal practise, Stopforth Swanepoel & Brewis Incorporated appreciates and understands the importance of the ever-changing field of Information Technology, incorporating programming and hardware.

Therefor the firm invested in an extended and modern computer system, connecting the firm with financial institutions, the internet and government offices.

The firm also invested in effective software programs with leading software vendors, to make the task of drawing documents, for both conveyancing and general litigation, more efficient, professional and faster, thus delivering a more professional and expedient service to the firm’s clients.

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729 Park Street Arcadia Pretoria

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