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Welcome to Thompson Attorneys & Conveyancers.

Thompson Attorneys specialises in conveyancing. We quickly built up a solid client base due to our passion and drive for service excellence and treating our customers as friends rather than just another file. We recognise the need for personal attention and every matter referred will receive the particular diligence it deserves. We will take care of all your conveyancing concerns effortlessly! The firm is headed up by Christine Thompson who is a qualified and admitted Attorney and conveyancer as well as an admitted Solicitor in the Senior courts of England and Wales. She specializes in the field of property law and conveyancing. Christine was admitted as an attorney and conveyancer in 2006 and headed up the conveyancing department of a well-known firm in Alberton for 2 years prior to opening her own practice. Please give us a call if you want to experience a fast, friendly and efficient property transfer. 0860 888 998

Property Law & Conveyancing

At Thompson Attorneys we understand the importance of transferring property and registering bonds promptly, efficiently and cost effectively. We understand that communication is the crucial element in building a lasting relationship with our clients. We are well versed with the principle of time and time-management, coupled with the ability to force and resolve issues where necessary. We believe in a deadline mind-set. This translates into providing a far more efficient service and a turnaround time on transfers and bonds which is extensively reduced. We realized that conveyancing is all about money, and that time is money. At Thompson Attorneys, clients deal with the conveyancing attorney & manager, who remain in control of each and every matter, instead of being relegated to support staff. This ensures a personal service at all times for all our valued clients.

Clients’ interests always come first and a full-on effort is made to ensure that speedy, efficient and excellent service is given. Professionalism always comes first at Thompson attorneys. We realised that the traditional style of conveyancing practice to a large degree excluded the clients from the “information channel” thereby contributing to a degree of unhappiness and distrust of the conveyancing system.

We have learnt that a happy client is primarily an informed client who has been allowed and encouraged to participate in the conveyancing process and who gets what is due to him as quickly as reasonably possible. The members of our firm are therefore all conditioned to deal with each and every transaction as if it was their own property and as if they needed the proceeds from the sale desperately.

We try to ensure that all our clients during and at the end of the process are “happy clients”.

For the Estate Agent


·      E-mail Notification to agent and all parties involved during the transfer process.

·      This is due to the fact that we make use of the latest software available.

·      A representative of Thompson Attorneys can meet the client at your premises for signing of papers.

·      After business hour signing at our premises provided.

·      We have developed management systems which are tried and tested with multiple safety nets, all designed to achieve a single purpose,namely that sellers get the money which they are entitled to quickly and buyers           get good title to the property paid for.

·      We aim for phenomenal turnaround times and to provide the fastest transfer period possible.

Mission Statement

·      To ensure our clients of a warm & friendly welcome at our offices.

·      To establish a good rapport with our clients.

·      To be flexible in our approach to servicing our clients’ needs.

·      To be consistent & professional in the administration of our clients’ needs.

·      To be quick in our response and actions.

·      To be dedicated in our concern for our clients’ welfare.

·      To listen carefully to our clients’ wishes.

·      To give our clients value for money.

        We believe that as a firm we are equipped to honour our commitments as set out in our mission statement for the following reasons: 

·      The staff of this firm are well experienced in their individual fields of expertise.

·      We have the latest in computer hard / software and therefore have the ability to keep you up to date at all times.

·      We have associates with all major financial institutions.

·      We keep abreast of all major legal press for purposes of monitoring changes in legislations and new developments in law.

·      We recognise that the practise of law does not always occur during normal working hours and have accordingly committed our life-styles to support our clients on a 24 hour basis.




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103 Hennie Alberts Street, Brackenhurst

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