Elaleni Lifestyle Estate

From R 1 475 000 to R 5 208 000

3 Unit Types Available

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Located in Sheffield Beach, KwaZulu-Natal, all homes within Elaleni are designed around sustainability with a strong environmental conscience in a community where life is lived in harmony with nature, in an estate focused on the family. Elaleni encourages interaction with the natural environment and incorporates spaces, places, opportunities and facilities which foster family and community connection with state-of-the-art security. All homes are designed to be at least 50% off-the-grid, thereby aiding residents in taking control of their future and not only addressing resource scarcity but also making a positive difference to climate change.

Integrated into the Elaleni way of life, Elaleni Lifestyle Estate embodies the next evolution of modern sustainable estate living genuinely driven by living off the earth. Live life at Elaleni Lifestyle Estate, offering varied opportunities each with their own unique aesthetic. A choice of freehold homes, from architecturally designed home packages to large manor houses with a gentlemen’s estate feel and other boutique offerings await you.

The Stables Village offers a consolidated home package taking the stress of managing a home build away. Each home is designed by renowned North Coast architect, Julia Rutherfoord and sits on its own plot. Your home has a private garden and blends seamlessly into the rest of the estate.

In the Orchards Village, residents will follow a cobbled path to a place that harkens back to the fruit growing regions of yesteryear. Bursting with luscious fruit orchards, ready to be plucked and savoured or simply enjoyed from a distance, enjoy a central orchard courtyard. Each freehold site ranges in size from 900m2 and larger. The roads which run through are meticulously cobbled yet comfortable to traverse with avenues of orchard trees lining the central medians. Wherever you are, you’ll find planted orchards throughout and serene green orchard views.

The Acres offers 10 premium plots, ranging from 3500 – 4800 m2 with a distinct gentlemen’s estate feel. Your manor house is placed within a large expanse of land where you can design the outdoor space to your liking. Your blank canvas is there for you to create an abundant fruit orchard, a vibrant veggie garden or simply grow flowers and plants for pleasure. Large dogs, ducks and chickens are welcome to call it home and fit well into the natural landscape and farm lifestyle at The Acres. As part of Elaleni Lifestyle Estate, you’ll have access to every facet of life here. The ethos is built around community, family and sustainability and The Acres brings this vision to life through its grand gardens and planted

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