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About Arthouse Property Solution

We strive to offer our clients a world class service!

Arthouse properties is a contemporary real estate company with enormous aspirations and a team driven by success. The team is headed by Arthur Krumey who has seventeen years of experience in the real estate industry as well as a wealth of experience in both marketing and sales.

Arthouse properties is driven by an energy of ethical behavior and we offer our clients friendly, professional, informed and respectful service of excellence backed by superior negotiation skills. Our responsibility is to conclude the deal that will be suitable to you in a manner that will leave you happy with our seemingly effortless hassle free service. Arthouse properties’ team of dynamic brokers will always remember that we work for you and that it is your home or investment we are marketing and respect your choices you make based on our informed guidance. The Arthouse properties team will successfully market and sell your property in a friendly environment making your selling experience a pleasure. We will strive to fetch you the top price in relation to the other competitive properties on the market achieving time and again high prices for properties we market. We will continue to relentlessly market your property until we achieve a price suitable to you never giving up on your property, going the extra mile to satisfy every client we work for.

We pride ourselves with having innovative marketing ideals and believe with a definitive marketing strategy we can with ease successfully market you property. We offer our sellers a thorough marketing plan as laid out below:

Your property will appear on 35 local websites with some of these websites offering international reach all through the cyber agent system. We also market on other large property based websites such property 24, IOL, My Property. SA hometraders, and Brabys Properties.

  • We have a special feature function on IOL so your property will both appear and be featured on IOL.

  • Your property will be visible on Arthouse website

  • Your property will be marketed on social media ie. – Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

  • Your property may be marketed in print copy property pages should the agency and the seller negotiate and decide on this route of marketing and should the property value justify this route of marketing. It is to be advised that print media is very costly and may result in the agency being less willing to negotiate down on commission due to the high costs involved in this direction of marketing. We prefer to focus our marketing in the direction of web based marketing and social media as we have found a far greater response as the modern buyers first search these before resorting to out dated print copy marketing.

  • We offer pamphlet distribution for your property to expand exposure.

  • Your property may be mailed to prospective buyers from our network.

  • Your property may be exposed to buyers from our data base.

  • We being a smaller agency collaborate with other agencies creating a network within which we circulate property profiles onto a broad platform of individual networks jointly.

  • We forward property profiles to relocation companies relocating clients nationally and internationally.

  • We have a network within numerous corporate head office HR’s, as well as hospital HR’s, broadcasting houses, media houses etc. which we mail our property portfolios to on a regular basis.

  • We will determine suitable viewing arrangements with you to suite your schedules. This will include show days as well as private view by appointment viewings. Only having private viewings creates a sense of exclusivity. Please note that open show days will be arranged at the owner’s risk in these times of high crime. Although we will always have at least a sitter and a guard on duty we bring to your attention that your home stands open, unlocked and with access available to anyone to enter the property. We take due care to try and screen visitors as well as to obtain as much information from all visitors to the property as is possible within parameters afforded to us, but we must stress that crime is now an occurrence at show houses. We have successfully sold many homes only through private pre-appointed private viewings.

  • Your property brochures may be available and handed out to buyers at our other show days of comparable homes in the greater area to your home.

To maintain high standards of professionalism Arthouse Properties has on going regular training through attending the EAAB CPD programs, in-house monthly training through other educational routes, attending TPN credit bureau courses, further in-house training by inviting professionals in fields such as IT, photography, copy writing, legal, bond finance, marketing, negotiation skills and other aspects to encourage a high level of understanding and interest in all aspects of successfully concluding every deal at the highest possible value to you the seller.

Should you be purchasing your home through Arthouse Properties we will endeavor to assist you in a professional manner, and will be by your side until we have found you a suitable home should we be able to match your requirements within our portfolio of homes on the market as well as homes we may have through our network of other agencies we work with. To assist you to find the home you love is our priority and we will strive to see you happy in a home your family will love. We will continue to assist you through the process until such time as the home has been transferred into your name assisting with any issues at hand we are able to assist with. We will track the progress of your property transfer and keep you informed and bring any delays or problems to be resolved to your attention and seek solutions within our ability once with the transferring attorneys.

We work hand in hand with BETTER BOND and will put the very efficient bond agent onto your application as soon as we have you on board if you so wish. You can also look under our associates on our website for the BETTER BOND logo and click on it and it will take you directly to BETTER BOND. We have the same function for our recommended transferring attorneys on our website under associates. We further have reputable service providers related to the property industry you can find at the associates section of our website.

Arthouse properties offers marketing services in both sales and rentals of residential properties, developments, commercial properties, lodges and guesthouses as well as urban land and farms. Arthouse Properties is also currently working on an app so to enable us to offer holiday makers, tourists and travelers the opportunity to view holiday accommodation options as well as to book holiday accommodation through our website.

Our rental division is well established and we do rentals ranging from cottages, though to apartments and homes as well as commercial properties. We fetch high prices for rental stock, often higher than market value or values achieved by other competitive top branded agencies. We cover down town Johannesburg where we specialize in commercial rentals and rentals of upmarket residential apartments such as the exclusive Franklin building, where we achieve high rental pricing and have a massive foot print. We also market rentals throughout the northern suburbs of greater Johannesburg focusing on neighborhoods such as Melville, all the Parks suburbs, Northcliff, Hyde Park, Sandton and Bryanston to name a few. We focus on top end properties for rent and again we market our rental stock on over 35 websites. We are well connected with relocation companies relocating corporate clients as per the discussion above under marketing. We also use the other marketing tools as discussed under the marketing section where they are appropriate for rental stock. We pride ourselves on placing high quality tenants and we undergo a vigorous interview and do thorough checks on the prospective tenant ranging from employment and their history of employment, previous landlords, references, and checks on google and most importantly very thorough credit checks on the big credit bureaus through TPN (tenant profile network credit bureau). We are a member on TPN offering the landlord all the benefits of TPN ranging from thorough credit checks to listing clients for being late payers, to black listing them if necessary as well as debt collection done through TPN. However we must stress due to our high level of checks and interviewing find our landlords seldom need to revert to any form of collection or blacklisting as our clients are generally of high standard. We are essentially a placement agency but if arranged we will do management for clients on request. However should a landlord or tenant need us through the duration of the lease to assist with maintenance or letters etc. we will always stand by our clients to be of assistance and where necessary an hourly rate may be charged if the work requires lengthy timeframes.

We also encourage green living through promoting sustainable lifestyle products such as green architects and builders, pond pools, solar energy and wind energy as well as offering interesting information to green lifestyles. Visit our living green page available on our website. We are striving to market both properties suited to green development as well as marketing properties already green in their design and use of resources and energy. We look forward to growing this side of our marketing substantially and hope to be leaders in the marketing of green properties as we as an estate agency have a determination to assist the wellbeing of our planet and an enormous passion for green living, which is the way of the future.

We are currently looking to expanding to other areas of South Africa as well as into the Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius and the Seychelles to assist with clients looking to have a holiday home or permanent residence in South Africa and on these spectacular islands encouraging our growth in the holiday destination industry. We also look forward to a greater international exclusive footprint.

Please contact us regarding any queries pertaining to property and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

We hope to hear from you soon!