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As CEO and founder of Auction Inc., Paul Winterstein’s vision is to utilise the wisdom of the past to create industry trends for the future. Auction Inc. is a family made up of committed, motivated, and specialized service-driven individuals.

If anything is the key to this company it is just that: family. Paul acknowledges the responsibility of perpetuating his own well-known family legacy of continuously re-inventing the auction business in Southern Africa. Together with his dynamic team, Paul advances the real estate auction industry by providing an unprecedented level of quality and imaginative innovation. This first-hand insight into the history and growth of the industry is only a part of what makes Auction Inc. a force to be reckoned with.

The real ‘family secret’ to success within Auction Inc. is, however, the intuitive belief in the importance of freedom within a team; and the group encourages team members to extend their thoughts and actions. This kind of cutting-edge thinking allows the vast scope between traditional and unorthodox to be explored to full capacity.

Auction Inc.’s unquestionable dedication and integrity enables it to build and sustain valuable relationships; in essence we are a boutique auction company providing an individualised, exclusive experience guaranteed to exceed the expectations and dreams of both buyers and sellers.

Auction Inc. is culturally diversified, giving us the opportunity to operate in all target markets. Our personal property advisors, selected for their dedication to the business of property, are all highly-trained in every aspect of conducting real estate auctions the Auction Inc. way.

Based in Illovo, Johannesburg, our core focus at Auction Inc. is the transitioning of commercial, industrial and residential real estate. We also provide related services such as comprehensive valuations, private sales, rentals, bond origination and business-rescue consultation.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll quickly see that when you work with Auction Inc. you will be treated as a valued individual, a part of our family - never just a reference number.

Welcome to the dynasty.